ANBI data

Stichting the Gideons International the Netherlands is a ANBI organization. This means that your donations to our organization are deductible from your Income.

General Information
The Gideons International Netherlands Foundation
RSIN: 816097604
KVK: 41121304

Administrative Address
Noordveenkanaal NZ 7
7831 AV Nieuw-Weerdinge

Our goal
Spreading the word of God.

Policy plan-TGI-Ned

– H. Knauff, Chairman
– A.D. Horst, Secretary
– J.C. Schippers, Treasurer

remuneration policy
No rewards are paid to Directors. Directors may claim an expense allowance for costs Incurred.

Financial Accountability
Gideons 2014-2015
Gideons 2015-2016
Gideons 2016-2017

Bible dissemination, gideons, the netherlands, worldwide,

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