The Gideons International is entirely dependent on donations and legacies for the finances for its Bible Dissemination. No state subsidy is given by the Government or other authorities to our Bible Dissemination. Most of the donations consist of contributions from the churches and further from the members of the Gideons and other Donors.

World Bible Fund
All donations received are deposited in the International Bible fund, managed by the Nashville head office under the supervision of international Administration. The principle of solidarity applies to expenditure on the printing of bibles: the allocation of funds is based on the need for each country, irrespective of the Country’s Income.

All donations of churches and persons are used for the purchase and transport of the Bibles
Since 1899 this is a statutory obligation. Your donation is therefore not used for organisational costs or Salaries. The costs of organization and overhead costs are fully paid by their own members.

Cost price of a pocket-sized Bible (the new Testament and the Psalms) only €1.25. A bilingual bible costs €2, =; Great Letter Bible Costs €2.50. We cannot make them cheaper, even if we share them for Free.

The Dutch situation
In the netherlands, the purchase costs of the scattered Bibles are still not covered by donations. In a rich country like the Netherlands it must be possible to at least cover the costs of the biblical spread within The Netherlands. At present in the Netherlands every year about 60,000 Bibles are distributed among secondary and highly skilled school students.

For more information on the finances in the Netherlands click here

Your contribution to our finances is therefore very welcome!

How can you support us with a financial contribution in the Bible fund?

There are three possibilities:
1. By making a one-time or periodic gift by bank transfers to the following account
2. Giving a one-time donation by means of an Ideal Payment.
3. Become a friend of the Gideons and support us on a periodic basis.

Your donations can be deductible with your income tax Return. The Gideons International is a ANBI recognized Institution.

As church:
You can support us by making an annual contribution or keeping a collect.

If you wish, please provide an address and/or e-mail address so that we can send you a Confirmation. For donations in the Netherlands the address is as Follows:

The Gideons International Netherlands
Bank account number NL35 INGB 0000 1860 18

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