The Gideons makes almost worldwide new Testament (bible) available to all students/schoolchildren in secondary and higher vocational education and Universities. In almost all student cities of the netherlands, the Gideons can be found with a local department. In large student cities where we do not have any local departments, schools are regularly visited by other Departments. We are also regularly found on open days of high schools and Universities. In addition, the Gideons visit student associations on request.


“remember the prisoners as if you were trapped yourself too.” Heb. 13: 3a.

It is always a poignant experience to look for prisoners in prison and to give them a new Testament with the Psalms in Pocket. The Gideons International distributes in the Netherlands in prisons, detention houses and in the Half Open youth and women jails.

In consultation with the mental guardians of the particular establishment, an input can be given during an internal church service or a group conversation is arranged to which detainees, the mental caregiver and some gideons Participate.



Care centres

Many people visit in their lives a hospital, nursing establishment or care Centre.
At times of physical and psychological distress one needs comfort and encouragement, not least of those who care about Them.

For this reason, the Gideons International distributes their Bible publications in particular to the employees of the various care Centres. The reassurance of these employees includes a certain Bible knowledge as many patients have grown up and are expecting recognition from the Carer.



The Gideons International also distributes pocket Bibles in The Netherlands on army bases and operational military bases.
The dispensations take place with the permission of the Barracks commander and/or the spiritual Carers.
In encampments where training centres are housed and overnight stays take place, our four new Testaments are deposited in the sleeping Quarters.



There is more travel around the world and staying in a strange environment. It happens to many people that they feel lonely in that situation and become aware of the emptiness in their lives. Hanging out at the bar or watching Tv cannot compensate for this feeling. Then there is a Bible on or in the bedside table or on the Desk. For many, This is a first introduction to God’s Word.

The placing of Bibles in Hotels and other accommodation facilities is how the Gideons originated in 1899 and is therefore one of the core activities of the Gideons. Now almost 120 years later, the Gideons are active in almost every country in the world.


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