Who we are

The work of the Gideons World-wide

The Gideons International is an association of Christian
businessmen, professionals and supervisors in business and/or government with their spouses. The operation of the Gideons is a service for couples To access
Distribution locations, sustained prayer is the basis for us
Act. In addition, business insight is needed to
To communicate high-level executives in order to achieve results

The Gideons are volunteers who are currently active worldwide (Anno 2018) in 201 countries.

In summary, the purpose of the gideons is to make Jesus Christ known and thereby win others for Him. We do this by:

  • The personal awarding of a new Testament with
    Psalms (pocket size):
  • Placing Biblical and/or Bible portion In/at:
    -in schools of secondary and vocational education
    -in Schools for higher vocational education and
    -on army bases and prisons
    -in hospitals, Care centers, Hospice and nursing Home
    -one of the total 55 target groups
  • The provision and promotion of the Gideons Bible App

The Gideons believe that what is in the Bible is True. They have experienced in their personal and business life that this book can change lives and it is a help in everyday life. Bringing
others into contact with this is therefore the desire of every Gideon.

The association was founded in 1899 and has more than 275,000 members (anno 2018), in which the gideons and their husbands each have their own tasks, but together a common goal is to win others for Christ. Since the establishment in 1899, 2.1 billion biblical and Biblical sections were distributed from local departments. In The Netherlands this has been happening since 1948,
Currently there are 15 Departments.

In order to manage all this work, there is an organisational structure similar to the business world. The head office of all this is located in Nashville, Tennesse, USA.

The Gideons International

gideons, Head office, Nashville, Gideon

Head office gideons International, Nashville, Tennesse, USA.

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